2011 4A West Champions - Churchill

2/4/2011 10:52:13 PM
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With their 13th consecutive win against Richard Montgomery, the Churchill Bulldogs have captured the 4A West Division Championship. The job that Coach Matt Miller and staff have done this year is tremendous. Not much was expected from the Bulldogs once top returning player, Will Lewis, went down with a season ending injury. Despite the loss, Coach Miller and the Churchill Bulldogs have fought hard in every game to capture the division title.  Each game someone new stepped up and every game was a total team effort both offensively and defensively. It is really a testament to how the players have come together and work towards playing as a team. Great job!

I've seen a few of their games this year and am very impressed with the coaching the staff their has done. Congrats on winning the 4A West title. They have another test in Wooton next week. Should be a great game. Hopefully, there won't be a let up because of the division title.  I'm sure Coach Miller will have them ready and scrapping for every loose ball and put forth another total team effort performance. 

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How far do you think they will go this year?

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I don't know. It's tough to say because Springbrook and Magruder are most likely the favorites. Both of those teams are Churchill's two losses, I believe.  They also played them early in the season.  If Churchill continues to play tough defense, they could go far.  Remember, Whitman won the state championship with their stiffling defense that year....you know who was an assistant and the defensive coordinator of that team...Matt Miller, current Churchill coach.  I'm not saying they win the state title, but they have a chance to make some noise. They will take it game by game and for their sake, hopefully they can continue to pull out victories.

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Churchill will not make it far. They've slipped up recently and I don't see them getting past the likes of Springbrook, Sherwood and Magruder. They could even lose before that if they have to play Paint Branch, Wootton, Gaithersburg or other middle of the pack teams like that. Churchill lacks scoring and that will be their downfall. If they get behind 10+ points to a solid team, it's over for them. I see them winning a game or two in the playoffs but no more than that.

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Agree in part. They do lack scoring. They did get Will Lewis back recently but a friend up at Gaithersburg says he doesn't look 100% right now which is too bad for Churchill because if healthy he would give them added scoring punch. They do defend as well as anybody and in the playoffs defense is important in close games. I don't see them beating some of the teams you mentioned but in one game who knows. BTW, you said you don't see them winning more than one or two games in the playoffs. If they do even that given their bye they will either be in the regional semis or finals which I think would be a huge accomplishment for Matt Miller and that program. Somebody said it was 32 years since Churchill even won a division regular season championship. That's a lot of bad history to overcome in one year regardless of how the playoffs turn out.

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Why did you post this in the basketball location?

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