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9/6/2019 3:40:58 PM
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Settle an argument between my two friends. They both were QBs of the same high school team, and I actually now wanna know which one is better. I’m gonna give a brief overview of both of them. Give me your honest answer. Im pretty biased towards 2012 because I played with him. 12’ had slightly better receivers, 14’ slightly better running backs. So we need some help, which one was better? I’m only providing their senior season stats for various reasons. 12’ has a slightly flashier highlight tape.





Strengths of QBs:

2012: Arm strength, Athleticism

2014: Accuracy, Football IQ




2012: Duel Threat QB

-2.5 year starter. He was on a bad team his sophomore year (3-7) and was OK at best, was jus flat out bad his junior year (3TDs,7INT, 600 yards-46% comp.) was benched for a couple games mid season. Team finished 6-4 missed playoffs.

-team ran a run oriented pistol scheme. Ran a decent amount of information though.

-his RBs had 212 carries


2012 Season stats: Captain (5-5)



79/151-(52%)-1167yds-8TDs/14INTs-(116 QBR/59 Passer Rating) (0/2 two point conv.) (7.7 YPA)


Rushing: 114/290/2TDs/2 Fumb/ 2.5 YPC

(1 rush TD was 1 yard QB sneak.)


2014: (pocket passer)

-1 year starter (JV/Backup QB soph/junior year)

-played in pro style I formation offense (70/30 Run)

-his RBs had 345 carries


2014 season stats: Captain (6-4) playoff birth 

88/141-(62%)-1059yds-6TDs/5INTs-(132 QBR/84 passer Rating)

(1/1 2 pt Conversions, it was a 2 pt throw to tie the game with 1:00 left.)(7.5 YPA)


Rushing: 23/-27/0TD/0Fumb



Highlights available upon request

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Did they play for the same school or different? If different, what conferences? 

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TSFN 30969
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Same school, and same conference. 

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They seem very similar, maybe just different players around them proving to be the difference. 

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We have this discussion constantly at my old school.  Being selected all conference or all region or all Met is a very political process. If last year your team got all the the 1st team selections and dominated the conference, it makes a big difference in the selection process. The year before I graduated we had all the All everything selections and some of those guys went on to the pros. My year we lost the last conference game and did not make the playoffs and even though we mostly went on to play D1 football, we did not receive any of the honors.  We were better players than those selected, but the other coaches chose other players at other schools because of the year before. 

To answer your question, not a lot diffentiating theses two except one played longer and started more games, but he also threw 14 interceptions with better receivers.  The question is, was he making good football decisions? It seems as though 2014 made better football decisions and played well in the clutch. In high school, i think that is all you can ask for. 

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