MAPHL 2019-20

10/31/2019 11:59:02 AM
DMV Hockey Dad
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New season kicked off with SJC beating Calvert Hall 7-1 last week. Gonzaga pulled out win despite finishing 5th and getting beat soudly by DeMatha 7-2 in WCAC semis.  I think we'll get a new champ this year and likely a 1st timer.  Prep, Landon, SJC, and DeMatha will all be tough.  St. Alban's has good top end talent.  O'Connell and Gonzaga will struggle a little in the middle of the conference.  Who you got this year? 

Here is coaches' poll from the Monumental site:

 1. Gonzaga

 2. St. John's

 3. DeMatha

 4. Landon

 5. Bishop O'Connell

 6. Spalding

 7. Georgetown Prep

 8. St. Albans

 9. Mt. St. Joseph

10. Calvert Hall

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The coaches vote for this poll? Thanks for the updates. Please continue to post here!

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DMV Hockey Dad
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Yorktown twitter said Spalding barely beat Yorktown last night. The post suggested many kids missing from both teams due to tournaments. Also said Yorktown is Playing SJC on Thursday. That game may be good barometer on the strength of many local teams as SJC beat Churchill 7-2. I always thought MSHL was better than the Virginia leagues, so that matchup may help answer that question. 

Has the first WP poll come out yet?  DMV Prospects poll is more accurate but any publicity for growing high school hockey scene is good. 

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Haven't seen it yet. Please post the polls as they come out. I use to play for Gonzaga back in the day. I think they're much better now!

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DMV Hockey Dad
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MSJ beat DeMatha in a big upset.  Word is DeMatha lost some key players to injury. MSJ plays SJC in a non-league game on Veterans Day that may give us a better read on the season. MSJ lost to public power Marriotts Ridge.  Is Howard County the new power in MD public school hockey?  Montgomery County has struggled so far against the MAPHL.  

In other action, SJC barely beat DeMatha 6-5 and SJC has padded its record against Churchill (7-2), Wootton (13-0), MAPHL opponent Calvert Hall (7-1), and Yorktown (8-1) in the first couple of weeks. O'Connell beat up on Bishop Ireton, who plays in the weaker Virginia league, to the tune of a 7-0 score.  Gonzaga plays its intrasquad charity game tomorrow, so please head out to the Fort and support a good cause.

The IAC teams are still in Fall season, so we won't see them in action for a few weeks.  Anyone have insight on them.  I think Landon underacheived last year but will be reall tough this season.  Can't wait until the big games are played.   

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